Explore Our Selection of The Best Central Vacuum Powerheads

Central vacuum powerheads are the driving force behind a powerful and efficient central vacuum system. They are responsible for cleaning carpets, area rugs, and other flooring types.

The best central vacuum powerheads are designed to work in conjunction with a central vacuum system to provide optimal cleaning results. This is achieved using a combination of a powerful motor, a belt-driven brush roller, and height adjustment.

The belt-driven brush roller is the most important factor when choosing a central vacuum powerhead. The brush roller is responsible for agitating the carpet fibers to loosen dirt and debris. The belt-driven brush roller is designed to maintain consistent brush rotation even as the motor slows down. This is achieved using a rubber belt that allows the brush roller to continue rotating with the same amount of force as the motor.

The best central vacuum powerheads will also feature height adjustment. The ability to adjust the height of the brush roller is important when vacuuming different flooring types. For example, the brush roller should be adjusted to a higher setting when cleaning hardwood floors to prevent damage. Conversely, the brush roller should be set to a lower setting when cleaning carpets to ensure that the carpet fibers are agitated to remove dirt and debris.

At VacWorks, we offer a range of the best central vacuum powerheads from leading brands like Sebo and Wessel Werk. Our selection of central vacuum powerheads includes various styles, motor sizes, and features to suit your cleaning needs.

Shop our selection online today, or if you need help finding the best central vacuum powerhead for your central vacuum system, visit us in-store at VacWorks.

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