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Cana-Vac central vacuum systems are built in Canada and a top-of-the-line central vacuum system is known for being durable, reliable, and efficient, making it the perfect choice for homes and businesses looking to keep their spaces clean.

Cana-Vac central vacuum systems are designed to be installed in both homes and commercial settings, like retail spaces and office buildings. Cana-Vac central vacuum cleaners are the perfect addition to any home. These powerful central vacuum systems are designed for a variety of homes, including both large and small homes. They are designed to be conveniently installed in your home’s basement, garage, or attic, and can even be installed in a closet or utility room. Cana-Vac vacuums offer a variety of features and benefits that make them the perfect addition to your home, including the following:

- High-quality suction
- HEPA filtration
- Long-lasting durability
- Quiet operation
- Easy maintenance (vacuum bag or bagless)
- Long warranty
- Added home value

Cana-Vac central vacuum systems are built to deliver high-quality suction, with high-efficiency motors that are designed to tackle the toughest dirt and debris. And, they’re built to deliver high-quality air, with a HEPA filtration system that removes 99.97% of dust, allergens, and particles.

VacWorks is proud to be a Cana-Vac central vacuum dealer and has partnered to create a Vacworks-exclusive VW800 model. The VW800 has the largest domel motor, designed to use a vacuum bag and can tackle large homes.

At Vacworks we offer a variety of Cana-Vac central vacuum systems and accessories to help you get the most out of your vacuum and have the best at-home cleaning experience. Our experts can help you find the right Cana-Vac central vacuum system and accessories to help you get the most out of your CanaVac central vacuum system. Discover CanaVac central vacuum systems at VacWorks today.

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