Vacworks installation team wants to help you make the right decision when buying and part of that process is who or how can I get this installed

Our experienced installers can remove the old unit and install the new central vacuum faster and more professional than some home owners can locate a screw driver

Let us make sure the suction is completely sealed and their is a working garage inlet for vacuuming the garage area

We do offer additonal services for a fee which include 

- Flushing the vacuum tubing 

- Changing inlets/wall plates

- Adding retractable hoses to you're existing system

- Ask for additional services

At VacWorks we have our own team of installers who are experienced and specially trained to install central vacuum systems. Our Installers are trained "The VacWorks way" - which is the right way - no cutting corners! Our installers only use the best tools and materials to get the job done right the first time. Our friendly installers work hard to maintain a tidy work area and are respectful of the space with in our customers homes. VacWorks stands behind their work and provides a 100% SERVICE GUARANTEE.

Roughed-in Home

A roughed in home means that your home already has the piping installed throughout the home, but you do not have a central vacuum unit installed and your outlets have not yet been hooked up. With this type of Installation the job normally takes a few hours depending on the size of home and how many outlets there is.

Existing Home With No Rough-in

We can still install a central vacuum into your home even if you do not have the pipes roughed in. Sometimes depending on the age, size of home & basement finishing this can be a challenging task. Our Installers are very experienced with roughing in existing homes and take the time to go over the process with the home owners to make sure the job is completed with as little damage to the existing home walls and ceilings. 

New Home Construction 

If  you are building a home let VacWorks do the complete installation from start to finish. Our installers will take the time to go over installation details with the homeowners and discuss vacuum outlet locations and special features such as installing vacpans in the kitchen and or mudroom.

Central Vacuum Hang & Hook

If you are replacing your old central vacuum, our installers will remove your old unit and install your new one in the existing location.

Doing The Installation Yourself?

VacWorks has all the materials you need to complete the Job! We are happy to help! We carry different types of inlet valves (plastic & metal), vac pans, pvc pipe, pvc fittings, glue and wire. 


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