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At Vacworks, we realize that these are difficult times. Stopping the spread of Covid-19 is our first priority and helping our customers attain cleaning products and a working vacuum is essential. Keeping a clean home will make staying home a more safe and pleasant experience. If possible, use your central vacuum as it displaces the air from the room you are vacuuming and into the garage eliminating the risk of airborne particles coming through your filters when using a portable vacuum. Surfaces should be wiped with warm soapy water and or using disinfectant (always read the label for proper instructions). Together we can curve the spread and get back to seeing our friends and families.


Some store practices are:


During these difficult times Vacworks has taking a different approach when it comes to our sales and installations. We are focusing on prioritising our installations to those who are in need. Our free installation is still in effect but we can not perform as we have before. 

For those who need to replace their vacuum as it is an essential cleaning tool for your home we offer Installations in the Garage only. Our installer does not enter your home and we take all social distancing practices seriously. Our tools and products are disinfected and we wash our hands before and during jobs. Hope everyone gets through these times safely and Vacworks wants to help any way possible 


We encourage contactless transaction payments using debit or credit card, e-transfer
 and Apple Pay

We are always reachable by phone or email so please feel free to contact us

Hope everyone stays safe